Who’s Body IQ?

Body IQ Pilates Personal Training
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Intelligent Exercise & Massage for Busy Bodies

Running as it should be OUTSIDE

Body IQ Pilates Personal Training & Massage with over a decades experience in the health and fitness industry specializes in functional training, corrective core exercise and massage that translates into intelligent movement to fit a busy life and aligns to what “picture of health” means to you.

From the elite athlete to the health of a mother to be, our aim is to create a balance in your health and fitness program that suits your lifestyle and is personalised and tailored to your needs.

“I have only been training with Kelly of Body IQ for about 6 weeks (once per week) and I can already say that my arms are the best they have ever looked.  Somehow the combination of exercises she has me do makes my arms and back muscles stronger (hence a significant reduction in back fat!) without bulking up my arms.  I would highly recommend Body IQ to anyone looking for the right trainer.”
– Catherine – Woollhara

As a dedicated trainer of over decade Kelly Carthy aims to teach balance, integrity and focus in her clients training regime.  A focus not just on exercise and diet but on everything that creates a complete sense of health and vitality.  Wellbeing is about learning to listen to your own body, recognise and challenge your own limits and achieve what you once thought was unattainable.  Kelly is a regular health contributor to National media publications such as Who Magazine.  Check out the latest articles in the Body IQ Media section. and also guest coaches and assesses students at the Australian Institute of Fitness.  She is passionate about teaching and inspiring new trainers to get out into the industry with confidence, skill and the tools to be a raving success.

This blog will be updated with the aim of keeping, clients and the web community up to date with the latest in Body IQ news and related topics such as exercise, massage, nutrition, functional training, pilates and health.

A new wave of Personal Training is here: – Online Training – No time to book a training session or living in regional Australia or abroad?  Fit your training into your busy schedule with online training.  Body IQ offers a variety of packages tailored to help you set, commit to and exceed your training goals.  Incorporating both Skype & Over the phone sessions it adds the personal to the training no matter what the distance.  Email Body IQ today to book your initial 30 minute trial session and find out how online training can work for you.

Fitness Essentials some basic push, pull and core exercises to get you started.

Baby Body IQ – pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding times in your life to take care of your body. You  are not only benefiting your own health, you are also setting your new arrival up for a great start in life.  Having trained many women prepping for pregnancy, during their pregnancy and after baby it is evident that this is one of the most important times in life to be fit and strong.  This blog is dedicated to those special women lucky enough to be entering into the wonders of motherhood. Tools, tips and client experiences and support are all in here.

“For the first time in my pregnancy I didn’t feel awkward, the combination of massage and Pilates has left me pain free and able to keep up after my 2 year old as the next addition nears its arrival.” – Jane – Bondi

So enjoy the read and remember to breathe well, eat to move and move intelligently ; )

To book your first session and develop your body IQ –  email: bodyiqpilates@gmail.com TODAY!


1 thought on “Who’s Body IQ?

  1. Deb

    Congratulations on getting your site up and running again. We now need to get you feedbacks from Port Douglas which is where you are now wanting to live, train and teach for a while. I am so enjoying my first sessions of pilates with you. Best wishes and see you Wednesday.
    Cheers Deb


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