Plank Progression – Functional Core

Kneeling Plank

This is the most basic progression of plank.  Make sure that the hips are low enough and feel your belly button pull in towards your spine.  Check that your shoulders are set down away from your ears and your eye line is between your hands so that your head is an extension of your spine.

Plank on Toes

This is a full plank.  By placing the hands flat on the ground as opposed to clasping the hands together the focus moves from shoulders to core which is where you want the focus to be.

One Legged Plank

Simply raise one leg and  then alternate from left to right.  Make sure the hips don’t drop on one side as you raise the leg from the ground.

Walking Plank – One of my favorite exercises.

Transition from plank on our hands to plank on your forearms then back up again.  Be mindful to keep the movement as smooth as possible and ensure that you have good control before increasing the tempo of the movement.


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