Quick Sessions – 20 Minutes to Train

So you only have 20 minutes and want to make it worthwhile?

Good news! This is the perfect amount of time to get focused, get moving and get results.

We often think that we are spending an hour exercising when really we take 5-10 minutes to get our gear ready, another few to get our shoe laces tied and have a chat, another couple of minutes finding the right tunes on our ipod and then of course there is the set up of our equipment and deciding what we are going to do.  Before you know it 30minutes has gone by and well you have just warmed up your vocal cords and you’re still mucking around.  I know you are smiling reading this because you have been here before.  We all have.  So how do we resolve this issue?  Cut that hour to 20minutes, get organised, cut the chit chat and watch yourself miraculously fitter in no time at all.

It goes back to the old boy scout saying “be prepared”.  Have your gear ready to go, pre set your ipods playlist to some fast tunes for training focus and get ready to move by having a routine all ready planned (cheat sheet below) so that you can just get it done and start feeling and looking a fitter you. Below is an example of a simple 20minute full body routine that you can do with minimal equipment for maximal lunch time results.  As you get better you will get it done faster and there by become even more productive with your workout time finding yourself taking that exercise break more often.

20 minute Hill Set

Warm Up – 2minutes

Basic Squat – 10

Static Lunge – 10

Run on the spot knees to chest 20sec
Run on the spot heels to butt 20 sec

Lets Go

10 Jump Squats (can step these up to burpees or step them back to plain squats)
10 Push ups (knees, toes or off ledge for adv)
Sprint Up the hill (as fast as you can)
Run Back (easier pace)
10 Single Arm Row (dumb bells)
10 Jump Squats
Back up that hill for a sprint
Rpt – 4 times

Plank Set 30 second holds x 4 (2minutes of plank)

Stretches: Quad Strech, Hamstring Stretch, Calf Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, Chest Stretch. (hold each for 10 -30seconds)

This session is a full body work out to be done at as fast a pace as you can handle.  It is quick and reasonably easy with minimal equipment required.  TIME is no longer an exercise excuse.

For further information or to book an online training session to get you started email me today at info@bodyiqipilates.com.au


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